Russian conference

Mining innovation technologies

01.12.2021 | Hyatt Regency EKB hotel | Russia, Ekaterinburg city
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The conference had been attended by
Mining enterprises
Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions for the mining industry

Partners and sponsors

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Participants composition

Mining enterprises
Technical directors
Chief engineers and their deputies
Chief concentrators
Chief mechanics
Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions for the mining industry
Regional leaders
Chief Engineers
Commercial directors
Leading technical experts and experts

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Strategic issues of the conference

Conjuncture of the commodity market
Conjuncture of the commodity market in modern realities: prospects for the mining industry
Experience of mining companies
Completed projects and promising works
The fourth industrial revolution
Prospects for the domestic mining sector
Implementation of an energy management system
Implementation of an energy management system at mining enterprises
Production facilities
Construction of new and modernization of existing production facilities
Ensuring the proper condition of production assets
Conducting an internal audit or involving outside experts?

Technical issues of the conference

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles: aspects of effective use.
Modern solutions in the field of strengthening of mine workings and quarry walls.
Measures to improve energy efficiency.
Modern approaches in the field of geomechanical support of mining operations.
Automation and intellectualization of mining operations as a measure to improve the efficiency of mining.
Management systems for the mining and transport complex.
Electric Mining Machinery: Prospects for Reducing Hazardous Emissions.
Monitoring of the condition of hazardous objects in the mining industry.
Monitoring of quality control of ore streams in real time: technologies and equipment.
Improving the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations.
Pumping and filtration equipment for concentration plants.
Modern approaches to the processes of reclamation at mining enterprises.
Ensuring an adequate level of safety in mining enterprises.
Explosion safety and fire safety during mining operations.
Dust suppression systems. Ventilation equipment.
Equipment repair and maintenance management.
Transportation of raw materials: a cost-saving experience.
Industrial safety remote control systems in the mining industry.
Positioning and data transmission systems in mining industries.
Automated mining engineering tools.

Plan of the conference


Schedule of the conference

10:00 - 10:20
Grand opening of the conference
Greetings from sponsors and organizers.
10:20 - 11:40
The Mining Industry: Necessary Steps Toward Development.
11:40 - 12:10
Focus exhibition tour, business communication break
12:10 - 13:10
Modernization and intellectualization of production processes in open pit mining: technologies, practices, real cases.
13:10 - 14:00
Lunch and business communication
14:00 - 16:40
Enrichment: increasing efficiency through process optimization.
16:40 - 17:10
Business Communication Break
17:10 - 18:50
Techniques and technical solutions to improve the level of industrial safety
18:50 - 19:00
Closing and summing up of the conference
19:00 - 21:00
Gala dinner

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Formats of participation

Focus exhibition

A focus exhibition is not only an individual venue for negotiations at the conference venue, but also a space where you can place your presentations or product samples.

You can introduce each conference participant to his services or products.


You will demonstrate competence and professionalism in front of the entire audience of the conference. Increase the degree of trust in your company and get the opportunity to answer questions from the audience. Presentation of the report within the framework of the main program requires coordination with org. conference committee.

Participation as a delegate

Delegate participation is an opportunity for communication and interaction with the business community of the industry in order to independently negotiate with participants that are interesting to you.

The format is most suitable for those who are trying to work with our company for the first time and want to explore the situation.

Participation Formats Conference Sponsorship

This is an opportunity to get the most effective promotion using all formats of the conference, including advertising promotion, making a report as an expert, your own platform for negotiations and placing samples and selling materials, participation by a large delegation, mentioning by your hosts of your sponsor and expert status.