All-Russian forum

Improving the profitability of the confectionery and bakery industry

08.11.2023 | Airportcity Plaza | Russia, St. Peterburg city
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The forum had been attended by
Confectioneries and bakeries
Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions for the baking and confectionery industry

Partners and sponsors

General sponsors

General information partners


Participants composition

Confectioneries and bakeries
Division Heads
Technical Directors
Chief Technologists
Chief engineers and their deputies
Production directors and their deputies
Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions for the baking and confectionery industry
Commercial directors
Sales directors
Project managers
Leading technical experts and experts
Chief Engineers
Regional leaders

The actual list of participants can be requested from the project manager INTEKPROM BAKERY 2023

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Strategic issues of the forum

Product export
Product export development: enterprise-specific measures.
Bakery and confectionery industries
Development prospects in existing realities
Production system
Development of production system.
Enterprise profitability
Experience in reducing costs in the production of goods with high added value.
Ensuring proper product quality
The fight against counterfeiting as a strategic imperative of market development.
Production capacity
Construction of new and modernization of existing production facilities.
Lean production
Implementation of lean production tools in confectionery and bakery production: successful experience and prospects.

Technical issues of the forum

Weighing equipment.
The state of the confectionery equipment market: new solutions in the field of modernization of enterprises.
Measures aimed at ensuring sanitary standards at enterprises.
Automation of internal logistics of enterprises. Smart Warehouse technology. WMS systems.
Modern ovens for the bakery and confectionery industry: selection criteria.
Robotization and automation of the bakery and confectionery industry.
Warehouse automation hardware: mobile data collection terminals, scanners, etc.
Labeling, decorating and coding machines. Design and printing in the packaging industry.
Auxiliary equipment: de-skidders, pumps, conveyors, etc.
The choice of raw materials today: pitfalls in the current environment.
Measures aimed at optimizing supply chain management processes.
Packaging as a product promotion tool: how to make a brand recognizable.
Optimization of equipment maintenance and repair processes.
Automated packaging and packing lines.
Bakery equipment: selection criteria and current trends.
Marking and identification of goods in the warehouse and during transportation.
Automation of business processes in the bakery and confectionery industry.
Raw materials and finished products: measures aimed at increasing shelf life.
Analysis of the quality of raw materials and the final product: modern laboratory equipment.

Plan of the forum


Schedule of the forum

09:00 - 10:00
Registration, welcome coffee break.
10:00 - 10:10
Grand opening.
Greetings from sponsors and organizers of INTEKPROM BAKERY 2023.
10:10 - 11:40
Current State, Challenges and Prospects of the Confectionary and Baking Industry.
11:40 - 12:20
Focus exhibition tour, business communication break.
12:20 - 13:40
Modernization of bakery industry: technologies and practices. Technologies and practices.
Confectionery Industry: introduction New technologies and management practices as a pledge. of development of the industry.
13:40 - 14:40
Lunch and business communication.
14:40 - 16:00
Modern solutions to ensure quality of raw materials and finished products.
Logistics optimization and modern marketing in packaging and product promotion, as tools to improve profitability.
16:00 - 16:40
Business Communication Break.
16:40 - 18:20
18:20 - 18:30
Closing and summarizing of the forum
18:30 - 21:30

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Formats of participation

Focus exhibition

A focus exhibition is not only an individual venue for negotiations at the forum venue, but also a space where you can place your presentations or product samples.

You can introduce each forum participant to his services or products.


You will demonstrate competence and professionalism in front of the entire audience of the forum. Increase the degree of trust in your company and get the opportunity to answer questions from the audience. Presentation of the report within the framework of the main program requires coordination with org. forum committee.

Participation as a delegate

Delegate participation is an opportunity for communication and interaction with the business community of the industry in order to independently negotiate with participants that are interesting to you.

The format is most suitable for those who are trying to work with our company for the first time and want to explore the situation.

Participation Formats Conference Sponsorship

This is an opportunity to get the most effective promotion using all formats of the forum, including advertising promotion, making a report as an expert, your own platform for negotiations and placing samples and selling materials, participation by a large delegation, mentioning by your hosts of your sponsor and expert status.